Mother's Day: 30% Off All Prints

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and it brings up different emotions for all of us. My mom started fighting cancer when I was just 10 years old, and eventually lost that fight four years later. Losing my mom at 14 made for a difficult childhood. I raised my two younger sisters, kept the house running, and incidentally grew up fast.
I had to work to keep enough food in the house so my attention was divided. School was hard for me. I was always hoping, even searching, for a mom-like figure to fill the gap I felt. I pined for someone I could talk to about the little things, like how to deal with mean girls and how to shave my legs.

Waiting was difficult but finally, after 20 years, my now mother-in-law came into my life and before I knew it, I had a second mom! She adopted me and I adopted her right back. The unconditional love I received and was able to reciprocate was more than I could ever have asked for. She helped shape me, and I finally received the mothering I needed so desperately. Mom, thank you for making me your fourth child.

The relationships I had with my biological mom and with my “adopted” mom were sacred, and I miss both mothers dearly.
This Mother’s Day, take the time to acknowledge your mother, grandmother, and any woman that helped you grow into the person you are today.
We want to help you out with this by offering 30% off all prints (*use coupon code: mothers30). Art is an unexpected, unique, and long-lasting gift. Don’t settle for chocolate and flowers when the women in your life deserve a gift as unique and beautiful as they are.
As always, sending you a message of hope, joy, laughter and fun,

Michelle Silverman

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