Modern abstract paintings and their take on the truth of the universe

Abstract art is majestic. Cosmological imagery, emotional expression, anatomies and fabrics are all brought together in the most clever forms that are more like code which can’t be deciphered by everyone. In order to grasp the essence of modern abstract paintings, the viewer needs to go past the superficial aesthetic and make an attempt that is similar to the genuine attempts that are made when you truly want to understand a complex human being!

By playing with visual elements like color and form in unexpected ways, abstract artists tend to show how reality is subjective! That is why abstraction along with the concept of minimalism are considered as one of the greatest artistic achievements of the modern times. The element of mystery that surrounds extremely simple subjects is what maintains that bliss point in abstract art that keeps connoisseurs wanting more.

It is interesting to see how abstract artists successfully represent a unique blend of the outer dynamics and their inner world through abstraction, a trick that is often impossible to play in case of super realistic paintings. The latter, even though equally magnificent, is more around what most people are comfortable with: a perceived sense of reality that they can relate to, without any brain work!