December's Art in Focus

This month's Art in Focus is on Moon, the beautiful resin artwork. This expressive piece contains stunning contrast between the clear white of the moon and rich deep blue of the background. The subject in the foreground raises their arms to the sky, embracing the celestial body above them.

I love the Full Moon, especially on a clear evening with no clouds in the sky. It commands my immediate attention. It makes me stop, listen and appreciate the stillness and quietude that is present. When I painted this piece, the painting invited me to be in the presence of cosmic beauty and connection with spirit. My uplifted arms was an embrace between me and my higher power and the connection we all share. The full Moon reminds me that none of us are ever alone and that we are connected in divine love and care. The moon has magic, mystery and simplicity.

One of my Mentors and teachers Dr. Amit Sood emphasizes in his teachings not to delay joy. When you see or experience joy, allow yourself to have it. I no longer think to myself, “here is a beautiful full moon”…. Next month I will surrender and be in the joy of the moment. Today, I stop and experience the joy in the moment. This painting, in all of its simplicity AND in complexity is simply a reminder to be present and be joyful. One experience can often have a long lasting joyful impact of hours to days following the event. 

My wish for you today is to stop and look at something you have never contemplated in this way before. Let yourself take it in and send out a message of love, compassion, joy or hope. It will lift you and it may also lift others too. We are all connected!