Bringing Joy to St. Cloud

I'm so excited that Joy explosion will be brightening people's day in a medical setting! My experience is that participation in the arts reduces stress and anxiety, helps to manage emotions, cope with depression, and create a meditative experience. All these things lead to greater overall health and wellbeing!
In a clinical setting the arts can take a person to a positive place in their mind, helping them forget about their fears and anxiety over their health. In a hospice setting recently, one of the patients was talking about what was happening in a painting for over an hour while waiting for a procedure. The nurses were so happy they joined the story! Everyone enjoyed a mental break from the concern of medical issues. They all saw images in the abstract  painting that lifted them from their current concerns and gave them a story to focus on. The artwork help make the scary medical center a place of relaxation and fun. 
My art will gladly bring relaxation and fun to all who need it!