Art in Memorial of an Inspiration

On April 21 st of 2016, I was in my early morning routine creating art. As many of you know, this is my inspired painting time. Every morning I am drawn to specific colors, and this particular morning I was drawn to several shades of purple along with other vibrant hues. When I paint I never ask myself why I choose the colors I’m using; I just go with the flow and trust that over the next few days my painting will speak its meaning.

On this Thursday when I felt my artwork was complete, I left them to dry. It was around 7 in the morning. I remember vividly sitting on my couch a few hours later and hearing a newsperson tell me that Prince had lost his life.

I went upstairs to my paintings to reflect on the death of this beloved soul, and confirmed what still shocks me. The abstract paintings I created on this morning suddenly made sense.

And so became Purple Reign I and Purple Reign II.
The white in the center of Purple Reign I suddenly represented an angel. But the angel wasn’t grounded anymore, he was rising. Through layers of life, death, and after, he rose. Purple trailing behind and reigning above.
When people visited Prince at Paisley Park during his days here on earth, one of his favorite activities was to play basketball with them. Remembering this, when I looked at Purple Reign II I instantly saw the bottom of a pair of tennis shoes, the top of a single tennis shoe, purple rain, the orange of a basketball. White souls on the soles, to represent the community and small venue feel he created and cherished. Upward rising. This is what I saw, and what I still see.

I offer these two pieces of art in honor of Prince. When Prince passed, I saw vividly what he meant to the world. Faith and inspiration flowed from his life. I was reminded, and want to remind you, to live every day with faith and inspiration. And don’t take a single second of life for granted. Thank you Prince, and rest in peace.