Art as a Way to Connect, Honor, and Memorialize

Welcome to March! This week I am excited to share eight new paintings with you. At every gallery opening there is usually a "meet the artist" reception with food, cocktails and conversation. Since this is an "Online Gallery Opening" our meet the artist event begins right now! Please go into your kitchen and help yourself to a beverage of your choosing, along with your favorite cheese and crackers.
radiated generosity, gladness and joy
I want to begin with a tribute to my Aunt that just passed away, Rosyne Bloom Gardenswartz. Since Bloom was her maiden name, it made sense for the painting to have blooms of flowers in deep rich colors. Aunt Rosyne was known for her kindness and warmth. I experienced it first hand on every visit to the grocery store she owned with my Uncle Dempsey. It always smelled of onions, garlic and chicken livers being sautéed. Aunt Rosyne's smile always radiated generosity, gladness and joy every time I walked into the store. All of my conversations with her were accompanied by the candy she gave me privately behind the counter when my uncle wasn't looking.

In this painting I used warm burgundy, bright white blooms, and gold accents. I chose these colors to represent the expanse of the legacy she has left for all who loved her and all that she loved right back. Abstract paintings are great because they allow me to take my feelings and work them into the paint until the composition is complete. Aunt Rosyne was 92 years old when she passed and I used 92 layers of paint to represent the love she had for her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces, nephews and her entire family. She had a lot of love to go around. Each of us in our own way felt her embrace ... near or far away. 
honoring a loved one through color, grace and gratitude

Aunt Rosyne was a special women who I will always remember with fondness and gratitude. No painting can possibly do justice to the grace or beautiful way she lived and expressed her love. I chose to tell you about Aunt Rosyne because art is a beautiful way for us to connect, honor, and memorialize a life well lived. I wanted to show the visceral love that comes from honoring a loved one through color, grace and gratitude. The time we spend with our loved ones is sacred.
May this story that I have shared today remind you to be kind to yourself and others, say I love you, and enjoy treasured moments with your sacred circle of love and support.  Thank you for being a part of my Art is Brain Food community. I am glad you are here.